Wind Driven Ventilator

Wind Ventilators

Product Details:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Piece
  • Power: 126000 CHF
  • Size: 600-900MM
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Application: Factories, Industrial Manufacturing Units, Workshops

Hurricane Turbine Ventilator
World's First Vertical Vane Ventilator

SVS Wind Driven Ventilator provide an efficient and cost effective system of natural ventilation. They exhaust hot, stale air from buildings and allow it to be replaced at low level with fresh air at ambient temperature. It also prevents condensation by exhausting moist air, making a much more pleasant working environment.

Wind Driven Ventilator Offers:

  • All aluminium construction
  • A vari pitch base that suits all roof slopes to 450or ridge mounting base available
  • Double row ball bearing system
  • Vertical vanes for improved starting torque


  • Type: Wind Power Nature Power
  • Blade Material: Aluminium
  • Ventilation Caliber: 500
  • Turbine Diameter: 600
  • Vanes: 24
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